I Should Buy Bag or Case For My Laptop?

Buying a decent laptop needs thorough research and time spent because you would use it in your most important projects. After you accomplish that task you might get a dilemma in picking a bag or case.

The laptop bag is bigger but heavier than the laptop case. Most of the professionals choose the case while college students always buy the bag because they have books and other items.

For traveling, I would pick only the laptop case because a backpack is bigger than the laptop bag. There are many charging tools that can get electric power out of wind and water. So I won’t be worried about absent charging plugs. But I need to read or watch videos about picking the best convertible laptop 2020 to choose the most reliable.

Doing my project sitting right in front of nature: a mountain and river near the forest is the best location to use my laptop. Drinking soda and eating BBQ with my friends or relatives add much much pleasure in completing my projects.

I feel like backpacks are pretty important to me because. They’re like one of few items that we get to showcase a sense of style or whatever it is; like we have our clothing, we have our shoes, but those you can switch in and out every day but the backpack, it’s pretty permanent, you only have one or two at a time and they last a long time. So you want to choose one that you actually enjoy wearing you want to choose one that actually looks good. What you don’t want to do is choose a backpack that’s like a tech backpack that’s super ugly just because it’s a tech backpack. You don’t want to do that. You want to get something you actually like the look of and you actually feel proud wearing to school or work whatever it is.

So in front of me are Herschel backpacks they didn’t send me any of these I purchased three of them over the years and the other ones I borrowed from my friends and co-workers. Now understand that this pile of bags is not an exhaustive list of what they have. They have probably 15, 20 styles: this is like five of them.

It doesn’t have internal pockets or anything you have the front pouch and the laptop slot in the back but that’s it: it holds a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t separate them into different compartments or anything. now the one that I have here is a little bit older. You won’t be able to find this exact model, but you’ll be able to find a ton of other colors on their website.